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Monday, April 6, 2015

Always consider the pot size before folding

Here’s a crazy hand I played. I was UTG with KK and raise. Everyone calls, including the SB, however the BB acted perturbed that I raised his BB and folded.  There’s almost$40 in the pot and he folds because he can’t think beyond the extra $2 he has to put in. That’s 20 to 1 odds. 

10 10 5 7 3

I’m betting all the way. Lucky I feel that my K’s are good. On the final betting round the BB looks at me and angrily says, “I hope you win, I really hope you win.” I assumed he was still mad that I raised his BB and just replied, “So do I”.  As I was scooping in my big pot he says he threw away a 10 and a 5. I thanked him and under my breath said Dumb Ass. He was still complaining about it a hour later.

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