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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lady Luck and a Good Fold

On my last trip I was on the wrong side of variance. Like turning the nut flush and another player rivering a straight flush and flopping a set of kings and another player rivering a straight with Q6o on a flop of KJ2. You ask why did the guy call my bet on the flop? Well, for only $2 more, why not!? So, for the first time in a long time, I decided to play in a tournament. I got my start playing tournaments and I was pretty good. But once I became good at cash game, I stopped the tournaments. Cash games were just more profitable. Anyway, it was pretty small. Just three tables, but I needed a change. Not much to talk about until there were 7 left. It paid to six. I was under the gun with A10h. Blinds were 1k/2k (no antes) and I had about 12k. I made it 5k. The next player goes all in and everyone folds to me. Crap!! It’s the bubble and he has me covered. I only have 7k behind and I’m the BB next. My mind screams that I can’t fold here, but I eventually do. He shows AJ. Whew! I recovered and 1 rotation later I’m under the gun again, but this time with AKo. I shove. The same player calls me and the SB, who is short shacked, pushes the rest of her chips in. The caller has QJ and I can’t remember what the SB had. Flop came JQ3. Damm it! Turn 7 and the river produced a sweet 10. A few hands later four of us chopped. Pretty satisfying.

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