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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Take on Online Poker

I think online poker is rigged, but I don't complain because I still play. I also think it's still beatable. But the sites make their money on the size of the pots and are without any regulation. Do you really think they don't do a little tweaking to make more cash? Heck, even companies that are regulated cheat. Oil, drug companies, police, etc and even the government cheats. Do you really think online sites without anyone watching would be honest? Live you rarely see one and two outers hit. And bad beats do happen but are rare. We might have a story or two, but online you would have that in a day easy. I believe the online sites do not want to lose the action players (who create large pots) and favor them. I'll watch my cousin play who frankly is a poor player and he hits all kinds or crap, but when we play live he will lose hundreds of dollars every time. I think the sites create setup's and give two player good hands and good flops, thus a good pot. Usually the dumb azz or manic player wins. If they were left with only tight and good players, their income would be reduced. Also, you see a lot of large pots with two players with the same hands. Who wins? The site. Where I play live you can get up to a $300 bonus for aces cracked. It's hard to get them cracked. Can anyone say that about online?

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