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Monday, February 9, 2015

Cracked Ace’s

Where I play cracked aces is one constant bonus. Some hours it double or triple but it’s always on. Because of this people play them many different ways. Whenever I can’t put someone on a hand they usually have AA. When they get turned over my reaction is always, OOOOOOO, OK.  Now I get it. There is really only one way not to play them and that is to bet them on the flop. However, one option may be to raise per flop on the BB. No one is going to drop for 1 more bet. If there was a raise before you, then calling is the best option. Here are two scenarios where the mistake was made. The first happens all the time. 

SB, BB Seat 5 and Seat 6 limp.
Jd Kh 4d

SB and BB check, seat 5 bets and Seat 6, SB and the BB fold.
Seat 5 slams down his ace’s face up and say he was trying to get $20 in the pot, which is a requirement to obtain the bonus. Well, if you think about, he’s going to need someone to get at least two pair and if someone does, he won’t have any problem getting the action needed to fulfill the requirement. I am not sure why they do this, but I suspect they panic a little.   

Here was a real life scenario.
Under the gun limps and the action comes around to me in middle position. I look at my cards and I have the top range of my unplayable cards. Against my better judgment I limp, the cutoff calls and the button raises. That sucks! SB folds, BB calls and Under the gun reraises. Punished! I just got spanked!  I fold.

K K 10 A 6

Tons of betting. Under the gun show AsAc and takes the pot. No cracked aces. Too bad, during that time back aces cracked were worth $300. I couldn’t help myself. I guess I was a little upset and say to the winner, your reraise pushed my K10 out. To be honest, I did fell a little guilty rubbing it in, but damm that was a nice pot.

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