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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Nothing personal

On my last trip I realized I had a huge advantage over my opponents. They care too much. They care about what their friends think about them. They care about hurting their friend’s feelings, but mostly they care about the money. For most of them this belongs to their monthly budget. I assume most lose for the month, but everyone does, so it’s not an issue. They probably trade chips and the house takes the rest. It doesn’t sit well with them when someone actually wins. For me this is a game and the object is to acquire white tokens. As many as I can! And then send out my troops when I feel they can capture more. Simply, I don’t just don’t care how they come, I just know I’m going after them aggressively. 

It was the morning of my second day and a regular sits down and says to me, “You took a lot of big pots from me yesterday”! Me? I say. I was trying to recall any pot I took from him and couldn’t remember one. In fact, as I looked around the table I could not remember taking any pots from anyone. Oh sure, I can remember every detail from any hand you bring up, including the players tendencies, but somehow I don’t remember the faces.  When I have cards I’m trying as hard as I can to extract tokens from any player(s) that feel they can out-play me. I guess, if I could says anything to them, it would be
Hey, it’s just poker, nothing personal!

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