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Monday, February 23, 2015

Just like magic.

Reading hands is not as hard as it seems. If, and this is important, the players are predicable. Loose players, maniacs and drunks are impossible. Why, because they are unpredictable. When players do the same thing every time, they may as well play with their cards face up. I feel I’m a pretty good hand reader and usually keep it to myself, but something I can’t help myself and have to speak up just to show everyone how smart I am. J Two (predicable) players were heads up. 

A 10 2 rainbow

P1 bets with confidence. P2 calls with confidence.


P1 freezes then checks. P2 fires out a bet and P1 calls


P1 checks and without hesitation P2 bets and P1 calls. 

I point to P1 and say A10 and then point to P2 and say AQ. 

Just like magic!

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