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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Monster Pot

Just returned from a trip and fortunately due to 1 huge hand I was able to avert my first lost in over a year. I took a lot of bad beats and had 2nd best many times but a J4h saved me. I was in the BB and everyone limped to the button and he made it $4. I came along as well as everyone else. 

Pot: $40 

Qh 7h 3h

I checked, one of the limpers bets and the button makes it $4 again. Not wanting to chase anyone, I just call.  Two players dropped. 

Pot: $40 + $32 = $82


I felt I had the best hand, but when everyone checked to the button I knew I was good. Just didn’t want to see another heart or a paired board. The button makes it $4 and I don’t think anyone with anything is going anywhere so I make it $8. Two people dropped.

Pot: $82 + $48 = $130


I bet $4 and get 3 callers including the button.

Pot. $130 + $16 = $146

I turn over my made flush and the button shows QQ. Without a bonus or splashed pot, I think this is probably the largest pot I ever won playing $2/$4 limit.

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