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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Here fishie, fishie

To illustrate you how much the player’s suck where I play, here is a hand I played against one of the “better” players. He watches the action and knows what’s going on, sorta. I made the mistake of giving him too much credit. I get AK early, raise and he’s the only caller. 

9 K 2 rainbow. 

I bet and he calls. I raised preflop, so he knows I have a good hand. Maybe he’s just floating to see what I do on the turn. Possibly slow playing KK. Maybe Q10 or QJ. 


I bet and he calls. So now I’m pretty sure he can’t get away from QQ or has a strong K. I’m thinking K because he didn’t reraise me preflop. I just don’t feel he has AK. But what does he think I have? How can he call with just a K? 


Hmm? Could he have had a 9? I check and he bets. Damm! That A-hole had A9 and was hoping for another 9 or an ace. I’m thinking I should fold, but I glance at the pot and see about $28. That gives me 7 to 1 odds. All I have to do is win 1 of 7 times to break even. I can’t fold. I call and he proudly shows KJ. I show my AK and he angrily mucks his cards. I don’t think he even considered what I had. He knew he had a K and when I checked the river he thought he was good.

That reminds me of a trip where my cousin went with me and raised preflop. The board was 44K94. He was betting all the way with authority. When he turned over his pocket kings everyone was saying that they thought for sure he had quad 4’s. Really? As I was patting myself on the back I calmly said I knew he had pocket Kings. What would he be doing raising preflop with a 4? Only 1 guys really thinks about it and say, “Oh, yeah huh.” Everyone else didn’t even seem to get it.

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