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Sunday, March 8, 2015

People say the darnest things

Here are a couple tidbits of my last trip that I thought I’d share.
This first one goes under the heading of the players that can’t bear to be checked raised.

7d 3c 10d 9d

P1 bets, P2 calls.


P1 check and so does P2. P1 shows Ad 2d for the nut flush and says I was scared you had the straight flush.  What? Really? 

Here’s another.
I flop a set with two hearts on the board. I bet the flop and the turn with one caller. Before the dealer throws down the river, the player asks the dealer to put another heart on the board. The heart comes and the player bets. Ug! I turn over my set and fold. Player shows his flush and say, “Good fold!” 

I get pocket aces and hope they get cracked for the bonus. I end up heads up post river and I can tell the aces are good. I turn them over and say, “Unfortunately I win”.  The other player folds his cards and says, “That’s what I put you on.” Huh, really? And yet you called all the way to the river! 

Here’s a few more.
If I break even, I consider it a win!
This seat is unlucky!
(After four hands) I can’t get anything!
I hate AK (that’s why I play all kinds of other junk)!
The dealer is screwing me today!
I rather be lucky than good! Too bad, because you’re neither.
I thought you had a straight! (Oh really, and yet you bet all the way to river)
I knew you had the straight! (Oh really, and yet you called all the way to river)

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