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Monday, March 30, 2015

Maniacs and Drunks

Playing maniacs and drunks can be scary.  They bet and raise every hand and you never know what they have. They could have the nuts or nothing. And all it takes is for you to be beat by them once when they have the nuts to be scared. When there is one of these players at your table, the first thing you should do make sure you are sitting on their left. You always want act after them. If there is not a seat available, ask for a seat change button. The best way to play them is just to call them down. They will play any two cards, so if you tighten up your range you should be ahead most of the time. Just don’t solely concentrate on them and forget there are other players on table. So don’t call them down with AK if another player is in the hand. Also, with a good starting hand I will raise and try and isolate the player. Think of them playing any two cards as a good thing and you can beat this type of player easily.

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