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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Showing your cards

Unless I feel I can gain something, I rarely will show my cards. Usually is doesn’t matter because no one is thinking past the next hand anyway. However, if there are good players at the table, I will expose some cards. On a trip to Reno I was watching a game while waiting for a seat to open. The table was filled with good tight players. Locals feeding on the tourist. I finally got a seat and was dealt AK. I raised. Two callers, I C bet the flop and they folded. Next hand QQ. Same scenario, but callers folder after the river. A couple hands later I’m on button and limp with 57o. After the flop it was checked to me and I bet with air. It gets called and then checked to the river. I show my 57 and know this is the first time anyone has seen my cards. The very next hand I’m dealt 99, raise and flop a full house. The locals are fighting over each other to see who will take my chips. From then on I was the table caption.

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