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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kicker, Information and a Tell

Ever been waiting for the chips to be pushed your way when you hold A8 against A3 on a board of A K 2 10 9? If you’re like me you were thinking WTF when the dealer chopped it up. Always be aware of your kicker and how it relates to your action. Here’s a hand I played with A9H that the kicker won an extra bet. I was in middle position and limped in. The SB completed the blind and the BB checked.

Ac Ks 6s

The SB checks and the BB bets $2. He’s in the BB so I don’t automatically put him on a big hand. Also, I know this player and he will bet with an A or K then shut down if he is called. But if he does have A 10-K, I could be in big trouble. So, of course, I make it $4. I’m playing $2 for information. If he makes it $6, then I know where I’m at. If he calls, then I’m still a little in the dark. But if he has a disgust look on his face and calls then I know I can continue.  SB folds. 


I guess he could AQ and was scared of the AK. But when he checked like a little puppy dog I figured a K or weak A. I bet and he called. So now I think weak A. 


He checked and I took a second to think. If I bet, will I only be called by a better hand? I don’t want to bet only to have him show A10 or AJ. I come to the consolation that if I’m in this position 10 times, I’m going to win at least 6.  I think my 9 kicker is good. Then he opens his mouth and says, “Oh, you’re the best actor in the world”. Translated to poker talk its, “Just bet asshole, I have to call you”. Sweet, I throw in my $4 bet, he calls and I turn my cards over saying with confidence 9 kicker. He mucks his cards in disgust.

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