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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Just in Case Stack

Many years ago I was playing 2/6 spread and as usual was having another losing session. I always blamed it on just running bad and those damm fish will call with anything, but in reality I think I was still learning and was not a very good player. I just didn’t have enough experience to take advantage of the other poor players.  So my stack was getting low and I bought another $40 and made two separate piles. I really didn’t want to get into it, but I didn’t want to be short stacked if I was in a big pot. A couple players asked what was the deal with two stacks and I jokingly said I will only touch them if I have AA. A short time later I picked up pocket jacks and was betting all the way. The board was all under cards. On the last round I pulled 6 chips from my 2nd stack and threw them in the pot. Only one player was left and he showed QQ and mucked his cards. I showed my JJ and he said,” I thought you were only going touch that pile if you had AA?”  I racked my chips and left after that hand.

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