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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


There are 3 requirements for a bonus at my favorite casino. $20 in the pot (10 BB’s), go to the river and both cards must play. For some reason the players find these difficult to grasp. In one particular hand three ladies limped in (SB, BB, Seat 5). 

5c 7c 8c

All three check, but it was obvious there was discomfort at the table. 


With some hesitation all three check again. 


SB bet, BB calls and Seat 5 calls. 

All three happily turn their cards over. 

BB has the 4c for the idiot part of the straight flush, SB has the 9c for the top end and Seat 5 has AhAc.
There’s a hush at the table and everyone is waiting for the ruling.  Is it a bad beat and everyone gets paid? Does the SB get the bonus and the next pot is splashed? Does the BB also get the bonus? Surely Seat 5 gets the ace’s cracked bonus. I’m sure you can guess what happens next. 

SB wins the pot with 9 high str flush (only 1 card played)
BB loses the pot with 8 high str flush (only 1 card played)
Seat 5 loses the hand with Ace high flush (only 1 card played)
But if you followed the action you already know that doesn’t matter because there was only 9 BB’s or $18 in the pot. 

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