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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dealers are human too

Dealing can be profitable, but here the hours are sparse. Sometimes they come in two hours for a tourney and go home. They also take a lot of abuse and everything is there fault and are blamed for everything. One time I was sitting next to a lady and she would not shut up about the dealers giving her crappy cards. I finally had enough and said, “You know, they put the cards in that machine thingy and just deal them.” Her response was. “Well, they cut the cards first.” Ooooookkkk. 

Any job that I can’t do, I have a lot of respect for and no way I Iast an hour dealing. Within that time I’d have to tell someone to go F themselves, so I give dealers a lot of slack. I ‘m not a great tipper, but not bad either. I usually tip 1 unit per pot. However there are three situations where I don’t tip. One is a very small pot. Two, if I steal a pot, that’s all me! If I win a bonus, I tip between 10% to 15% of the bonus amount. Before I go into the third reason why I don’t tip, let me say that this game is as close to a home game as you can get. Anything from soft playing, to talking about the hand in progress and cards hitting the muck gos.  If someone were to drop a card, the dealer would just roll their eyes and say be more careful. 

On one particular trip, I was just about to call it a day. One of the evening dealers takes his first shift of the night. Shortly after there was a big pot brewing. I’m not in it. The gentleman next to me ends up heads up on the river and is facing a bet. He picks up chips, shows me his cards and says I have to call. While he’s throwing in the chips I response with yep, you sure do. The dealer loses his mind and starts yelling at me. WTF. You’re kidding me? Of all the stuff you let go, this is where you draw the line. Now I’m pissed. But how can I get back at him? I vow to play every hand, try and win as many pots as possible and stiff him. I don’t care if I go thru my whole stack, I’ll show him (now you see why I could never deal). Well, I go on this crazy run and can’t lose. I make a nice profit and leave. I must say it was pretty satisfying. 

Ok, I told you all that to tell you this. On the very next trip the same dealer takes his seat and I’m salivating. Sweet, another chance to show this SOB who’s boss. On the third hand, damm if he didn’t deal me a royal flush. I must admit the asshole side of me was thinking now I have to tip this bastard. But something weird happen, he was actually happy for me. Wait! What? I thought we were mortal enemies. We hate each other! You can’t be nice to me! Then it occurred to me, huh, maybe the last time he was just having a bad day. Wow, that actually means dealers are human too! Who could have known?

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