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Friday, January 9, 2015



I find all my poker stories interesting as hell.


Games with friends (Usually like 4 to 8 wilds cards)
Poker video machines
Read every f-ing book
Thousands of hands online

Favorite Games:

Live: 2/4 limit
Online: $5 Dbl up Sig


I head to my favorite poker room about once every month and half. I normally stay 2 nights. It’s your typical casino, needing retirees to survive. Everyone knows each other and the dealers have been there for years. Some folks are nice and some complain that they never catch a flush when 3 hands earlier they took a huge pot off me after hitting a river flush with their 49 suited. About 70% men, 30% women. The dealers do their job. They will make mistakes, but after it’s corrected no one seems to mind. I also like their poker room. It’s comfortable and pleasing to the eyes. Whata I just say!? I mean it’s comfortable. Some nights they will have free food and always hour comps that will buy another meal. They also have decent bonuses including ace’s cracked. Of course, we all know the players pay into the bonus. The casino just disturbs it as needed. They provide this service to get people in the door. In addition to the bonus, there’s the casinos cut and tip, so expect to lose about 20-25 percent of an average pot. If you want to win being a little better won’t cut it. You have to be one of the best players on the table. The saying still applies, “If after 20 minutes you can’t identify the fish, then your one”. 

So why do I come here? Fish! Example;

P1 limps early with K4o,
P2 calls with 55 and sb and bb come along.

Flop, K 9 5 rainbow.  

 P1 bets, P2 raises. (Keep in mind these guys play each other every day. They are all friends. No one is making any moves. They play the same way every time). Blinds fold.

Turn and river P2 bets and P1 calls.

P2 turns over his trips and P1 says, “Knew you had trips, but I had to call”. What? You threw in another 3 bets (including calling the raise) and yet you knew he had a set! Ok.

Example; Hero is heads up, out of position, against P3, with KQs on a board of Q 9 7 4 2 (no flush) and been betting all the way. P3 turns over KK and happily takes the pot. Wait! What? Ok.

Other examples are flush draws on board and if no one has it, it may be checked to river. No one bets the river because they remember the last time they were raised and are scared.

Having the idiot (bottom) end of the straight and surprised when their beat is another example.

Since there is an ace’s cracked promotion a pre flop raise always means KK or QQ.   

Like me, there are always tourists. They usually come in two categories. Hey, the flop paired my 3 so I need to call to the river and the players with some knowledge but sees other players winning with trash and before you know it says, “Any two cards can win”.

 My Start:

Signed up on Full Tilt and played the free chip version. Damm, I was good! Just cleaned up. So, of course, if this game is that easy, why not do it for real bones. Luck me, when I deposited $500, I also got a 100% bonus. Sweet! Free $500. Not! Anyway, I jumped right into the $1/$2 NL.  Awww, not so good. I was stuck around $60, with 3 buy-in’s. The next one I somehow found myself all-in with AK and won. I got out of the game and never played NL again. It’s been several years now. I switched to $5 sit and gos and micro limit games. This is where I excel. I love poker but I hate losing money more. So when the stakes get to high, I base my decisions on money and not chips. When I see them as just tokens in a game, I’m ruthless.

Through the years I’ve probably cashed out over $3000 from online sites. I did more than that last year playing $2/$4 Limit at my favorite casino. Not only am I a much better player now, but also have a huge advance that I’m not their friend and do not have to face them again tomorrow. Feelings get hurt. Once I flopped a set and bet out. Player raised and I called. I checked the turn and he bet, I raised. He folded and would not shut up about me check raising him. 


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