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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Don't be this guy

On my last trip I was sitting next to a regular. He tends to play just a couple hours and hopes to make a couple dollars and go home. He 50sih and younger then most everyone. For the crowd he's an average player. He recognizes me and says, " Your stack is kinda small. Usually you have a pile". I wasn't sure if it was just talk or a jab. Keep in mind when I'm at the poker table, I'm pretty quiet. I try and welcome every player to the table and wish them good luck when they leave. But not much in between. I response by saying, "I only put money in the pot when I have the best hand, so over the next two days I'm confident I will leave with more then I came with". Like most players he will play way too many hands. Also, like most players he will play the same way every time.  During this session he changed seats because the current one didn't have any luck. He was in the BB and I limped in with A9d. SB called.
Flop As Kc 7s.
SB checks and regular bets $2, I call, SB folds.
Turn 6s.
Regular checks. Ok, he has a K or a weak Ace. At this point he's just hoping that it gets checked down. A lot of times this happens.
I bet and he calls.
River 6h
He checks and I take a couple seconds to think about the board. It's possible he has A10, maybe even AJ. Regulars hate the thought of losing a bet so there's a lot of checking. One option would be just to check and hope to take the pot, but I hate the idea of not gaining a bet. So thinking the odds are with me and I'm good, I bet. If  I' m right a little more than 60% of the time, I make money. He calls. One thing I always do is if I'm think I'm good, I put down my hand immediately. I announce Ace with 9 kicker and table my cards face up. He throws his hand away in discus. I increase my small stack size. If this is you, you need to change up your play. If he bets the turn, I fold. Keep in mind if I call the $4 turn bet, I have to call the river also. That's 8 BB's to win the original pot of 5BB. In the long run that's a losing situation.

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