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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Move

I was playing at the El Cortez Casino, downtown Las Vegas. If you’d never been there it was a small corner of the casino with three tables, two of which were only used. It was like the Star Wars bar. Some pretty crazy characters. The single blind was $1 and quarters were used by the casino for their cut. The room closed shortly after Jackie Gaughan died. He was the owner and played up until his death. I think he was around 92. Unfortunately, his better days were far behind him and his mind was only a shell of his former self. Sometimes he played every hand, something he’d skip 10 hands in a row, but one thing for sure, you never knew what he had and neither did he. Because he would expose his cards, the prime seat was to his left. Players took full value of this and exploded it to the fullest. I say that nicely, because I could say they cheated and stole his money, but all people’s values are different. Funny, for me just putting a face to it makes a different. If it’s a poker machine and I spot an advantage, “Cocktails!!” cause I’m gonna be here for awhile. Once I had the dream seat and look down to see AA. I can’t miss Jackie’s cards and he has KK. He bets and I call him down and show my AA. Everyone just looks at me and shake their heads. 

In the structure of the game it’s $1 to come in and $2, $3 or $4 to raise. I look down and see QsQh. Sweet! However, before it gets to me, there is a raise to $4. Normally this means QQ-AA. In this case, it’s coming from a player I’ve never seen before. Two people call and I fold. Turns out he had AK and I would have won the pot. I was still a new player and this slightly put me on tilt. Two hands later in the cutoff seat I see QQ again. Sweet! Early player makes it $4. He was a loose player so I come along. Button makes it $8. Damm it!! Early player folds. WTF, I can’t believe I have to fold QQ pre flop again! I know he has AA. I’m still thinking about losing the last pot and I just can’t get away from this hand again. I call. 


Jh 7s Jd

Now what? I’m still beat. What a donkey (jackass). I check.

Button bet $3. 

It was weird, I don’t know why.  Maybe I was just ready to move up a level. Maybe alcohol was involved, but it came out of nowhere. I didn’t even think about it, I say, “Make it $6”

Button does a double take, thinks about it, hesitates and drops in $3 more. 



I don’t say a word and push in 4, $1 chips. Button looks at his cards, shakes his head with a look of a man that just lost to trip J’s and turns over his Aces. I can’t help it and show my Q’s. His mouth drops and he’s visibly stunned. I say, “I know you had aces, but if I don’t bet, I can’t win” 

I still have fond memories of that move!

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