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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Components it takes to be a winning limit player

I was thinking about what components it takes to be a winning limit player. Two items I’ve read many times are; know when to save a bet and know when to get the extra bet. Also, play small pots with small hands and big pots with big hands. Well, yeah, DUD! But “how”? First let me say one cannot accomplish either of these plays without knowing how to read hands. I really don’t want to go into that subject as there many good books and videos. But I will say this, pay attention and watch every hand even when you are out. Try and guess what they have by the betting pattern. Also, know your odds and know what they mean. I think a lot of players know the odds but can’t apply them. I see this every time. P1 heads up with P2. P1 calls to the turn and folds the river showing his two suited cards and says, “I missed my flush draw but I had to call because I had a 34% (3 to 1) chance of hitting. Ok. But your heads up (2 to 1) and you’re chasing a 3 to 1.  Not good. Also, know how much is in the pot. If I have a 16% (or about 7 to 1) chance of winning, I better not be calling a bet with worst odds. So, if there is $40 in the pot a $4 call would give me 10 to 1 odds on my money and I’m only paying 7 to 1. To explain further, if I play the same name 100 times I will win a little more then $640 (16% of $4000 ((100 x $40 pots))), while costing me $400 ( 10% of $400) for a net gain of $240. That seems like a hell of a deal to me. It was weird; once I learned how to read hands and knew the odds, I seem to win lot of big pot. Then it took a just short time later and I learned the “how”.

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